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by Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur   

TheatreWorks, 2009

     Photographs by Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin

“Suzanne Grodner plays Oscar’s personal manager with the smart, tart, brittle edge of a classic Hollywood screwball comedy dame....A strong ensemble fills the show with well etched characters.”

Robert Hurwitt/San Francisco Chronicle

“Speaking of sassy, Suzanne Grodner outdoes herself as Jaffe's hard-boiled assistant Ida, a droll dame with a ready comeback.”

Karen D'Souza/San Jose Mercury News

“Suzanne Grodner as Jaffe's long-suffering business manager Ida Webb brings a likable world-weariness to her role...”   

Paul Myrvold/Out and About Magazine

“The supporting cast captures the spirit of this depression era madness...Grodner (is) perfect as Jaffe's opportunistic assistant...Ida Webb, who turns submissive assignments into show stealers.”   

Richard Conemma/Talkin' Broadway

“Oscar is alternately aided and kept in check by his general manager, Ida Webb (Suzanne Grodner). The supporting cast is solid, especially Grodner and Greene as Oscar’s long-suffering staffers” Judy Richter/Aisle Say


by Ken Ludwig

TheatreWorks, 2005

     Photographs by David Allen

“Dressed in dazzling silver sequins, Parsons manages to insult Reinhardt while interviewing him with Joan Rivers-style aplomb.   Grodner's Louella is brassy and loving it.   She cuts off Reinhardt's lines every chance she gets, implying that the Austrian-born director might dampen her dazzle like a dull college professor.”    Marianne Messina/MetroActive Stage

“At the start of the show, Austrian-born director Max Reinhardt (Gerry Hiken) has just landed in Tinseltown... He is greeted by...a red-carpet media gossip (Suzanne Grodner, who seems to be channeling Joan Rivers.)”   Julie Shea/Mt View Voice

“Kelley has assembled a fine comic cast with Suzanne Grodner as gossip columnist Louella Parsons... “   Judy Richter/Aisle Say


by Lisa Loomer 

TheatreWorks, 2010

Photographs by Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin

“Suzanne Grodner is hilarious as a bipolar neighbor with the focus of a bulldozer.” 

Robert Hurwitt/San Francisco Chronicle

“...the deadpan Prozac mom (Suzanne Grodner finding humor and empathy in the role). Chad Jones/Theatredogs

...there’s the deadpan Prozac mom (Suzanne Grodner, finding humor and empathy in the role) whose kid is on a whole raft of medications for his ADHD.”   Chad Jones/

“The actors find shades of gray in sketch comedy clichés...the obsessive-compulsive suburban mom (Suzanne Grodner) pushing Prozac as if it were Tupperware.”Karen D'Souza/San Jose Mercury News

Suzanne Grodner as Vera, the bi-polar in-your-face, over medicated neighbor is the audience favorite. Ken Adour/ For All Events

Other standouts are Suzanne Grodner, hilarious as an obsessive-compulsive neighbor.   

Jean Schiffman/San Francisco Examiner

“Suzanne Grodner is hilarious as the pill-popping neighbor Vera.”  - Talkin’ Broadway

“The supporting cast is remarkable...Suzanne Grodner as Vera...funny and accomplished...neurotic, neighboring parents, only throw more confusion into the mix trying to be helpful.

Kieth Krieitman/San Mateo Daily Journal

LIVING OUT (Wallace),

by Lisa Loomer

TheatreWorks, 2004

Photographs by David Allen

The small ensemble...does excellent justice to Loomer's witty text...The wealthy white women are played with much glee by Cassie Back and Suzanne Grodner, both wonderful comediennes.”   

Jeanie Forte/Palo Alto Weeky

“Cassie Beck and Suzanne Grodner are wonderful as rich LA housewives into everything except their children. Ms. Grodner does a bang-up job as a character you would love to hate.”   

Richard Conemma/Talkin Broadway

ANNIE (Miss Hannigan),

by by Thomas Meehan (author), Charles Strouse (composer), Martin Charnin (lyricist)

Pioneer Theatre Company, 2011

Photographs by

Coming Soon

as Ida Webb with Dan Hiatt inTwentieth Century, 2010


Reviews & Production Photos

Other Roles

MAMA DRAMA (Danny) Dorset Theatre

by Leslie Ayvazian, Christine Farrell, Donna Daley, Rita Nachtmann, Ann Sachs

“Danny (Suzanne Grodner) has the ability to play comedy as well as pathos, without becoming maudlin, and her scenes are quite moving”.   - The Daily Gazette

I’M NOT RAPPAPORT (Clara) Pittsburg Public

by Herb Gardner

“Suzanne Grodner's Clara is well rounded - suitably aggressive and defensive, perky and exhausted, officious and informal.”  - The Morning Cal

THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA (Queen Grosioso) Shakespeare Santa Cruz

script by Kate Hawley & music by Adam Werwick

“What's a self-absorbed, over-the-top, not-the-brightest-porchlight-on-the-block old queen supposed to do? Why, she must dance, of course. Dance and sing and have a riotously good time...The Queen (the top-notch Suzanne Grodner) is alternately pleased, perplexed and put out.  Grodner’s performance is a marvelous study in comic vanity and vapid self-absorption; every scene she is in is a treat.” - Metro Active

CAKEWALK (Various) Variety Arts

by Peter Feibleman

“The scenes featuring a cast of peripheral characters, all done to perfection by Suzanne Grodner and Kirby Mitchell are also standouts.”  - Metro Active

...Various secondary roles are handled with versatility by Suzanne Grodner and Kirby Mitchell.” 

  1. -Variety

“Suzanne Grodner and Kirby Mitchell have individual moments to shine in multiple supporting roles.” -  Backstage

THE GREAT PRETENDER (Carol), by David West Read  

TheatreWorks, 2014

     Photographs by Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin


“Read has written a fantastically funny scene for Carol pitching her screen-play of a foul-mouthed baseball-playing cat. Suzanne Grodner controls the stage and brings the house down.”

Ken Adour/For All Events

A sweet blend of nostalgic whimsy, bright comedy and an empathetic tale of dealing with loss.”

Robert Hurwitt/San Francisco Chronicle

“...there's a lot of charm to this bittersweet marionette romp....a pitch-perfect Suzanne Grodner.”

Karen D'Souza/San Jose Mercury News


“...four rich characters with whom you genuinely want to spend time. Suzanne Grodner’s Carol...without her bombast, the show would be numbingly soporific....the humor in this script is laugh-aloud funny.  - Cy Ashley Webb/Stark Insider”  

Tom and Carol play off each other in a charismatically argumentative fashion....the standout character is Grodner’s Carol. With a strong and versatile performance, she leaves the audience unsure whether to root for Carol or hate her.”  Tad Malone/MetroActive

The play has some very funny passages that can get a little blue, most of them from Suzanne Grodner as the sardonically inappropriate Carol, who has a hilariously ludicrous screenplay idea and a penchant for dialect humor....Grodner’s appealingly obnoxious Carol a perfect foil for…well, for everybody.”

Sam Hurwitt/

“Kudos to the cast, and especially to Moser, Brady and Grodner for their expressive work with the puppets....Grodner steals scenes as abrasive, manic Carol. It took me a while to warm up to the character, but she won me over with her brilliantly impassioned pitch for a movie about a baseball-playing feline.” Karla Kane / Palo Alto Weekly

“Suzanne Grodner — often seen at TheatreWorks — is hilarious as Carol.”  John Orr/Triviana

EMMA (Miss Bates),

Music, Lyrics & Book by Paul Gordon

TheatreWorks, 2014

“Suzanne Grodner (Miss Bates) hilariously and poignantly runs off with every scene in which she appears...”

- Variety

“...the villager Miss Bates is all simplicity and very well played in her open-hearted way by Suzanne Grodner.”

UT San Diego

“Suzanne Grodner is delightful as the good-natured chatterbox Miss Bates”

Talkin’ Broadway - San Francisco